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Sister's Boyfriend
Family - General
My younger sister has this horrible boyfriend. All of my friends and family don't like him but they still don't say anything. I am over this so I've had several arguments with my sister and have stopp...
Asked by SanDiego, advice by Igotyou17
02/06/18 4:19 PM EST
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Partner wants to buy house without me
Relationships - General
My partner has been talking about buying a house next year on her own and then asking me to pay rent. . We have been dating for about 18 months by the time she is ready we will be dating 2.5-3 years. ...
Asked by WeirdStranger, advice by Beans
01/13/18 5:28 PM EST
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I need answers
Relationships - General
Hi, I am wondering about this guy. We've liked each other for years, talked for years, and everything. About four months ago I went to his place and I was just nervous but apparently I made him feel l...
Asked by Andichick, advice by Beans
01/13/18 5:07 PM EST
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What should I do about wanting to cheat on my husband...again?
Marital - Infidelity
So I cheated on my husband. I didn't have sex, but I wanted it. I still want it really badly. The guy I cheated with knows I'm married. He's ok with it, and completely separate from any personal or pr...
Asked by daringdenver, advice by SanDiego
12/31/17 10:49 PM EST
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Where should I go
Personal - General
Okay so should I go to Texas with my ex boyfriend in a down south country or should I stay in San Diego and try to go along with this guy I found on tinder . Both are a part of my living situation. I...
Asked by Nikkijo, advice by SanDiego
12/31/17 10:45 PM EST
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Secret Santa Help!
Personal - General
I forgot to buy a Secret Santa gift, and itís too late to go out and buy one! What should I do?...
Asked by Caleb, advice by SanDiego
12/31/17 10:43 PM EST
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What did I do wrong?
Relationships - General
I play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends online. I am also a passionate actor once I am in character. However, I had asked my girlfriend politely to occupy a different room while we play as I have te...
Asked by APonySeekingHelp, advice by SanDiego
12/31/17 10:42 PM EST
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Very Cliche High school Love Triangle
Relationships - Dating
Okay so I'm in high school and I've been best friends with this dude since our freshman year (so three years) and we're really close. Also for three years, he has had a girlfriend who I went to middle...
Asked by lucien, advice by SanDiego
12/31/17 10:40 PM EST
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I had sex with my bestfriends recent ex girlfriend
Relationships - Friendship
So i have a friend who ive known since 5th grade and im currently a freshman in college. He has been my bestfriend for the longest time and i would do anything for him trust me, hes like my brother al...
Asked by Averyh19, advice by Nikkijo
12/29/17 1:52 AM EST
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Dogs or Divorce
Personal - General
Should I divorce my husband for refusing to give up his two large dogs that are destroying my home and my sanity? ...
Asked by Helloconsumer09, advice by daringdenver
10/22/17 4:01 AM EDT
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