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relationship help
Relationships - General
I like a person so much but I am not sure if he likes me or not then what to do...
Asked by Usernothreetwoonethr, advice by TheBlackCoach
07/20/19 8:57 AM EDT
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My best guy friend likes me and I don't know what to do. I NEED HELP!!!
Relationships - Friendship
This story is very long but I will try to sum it up. First off, I am in high school. So I have a best guy friend and we have been close for a little over a year now. One of my best friends dated him i...
Asked by jessw123, advice by TheBlackCoach
07/20/19 8:54 AM EDT
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made a mistake lmao
Relationships - Dating
so i was introduced to this guy and he was open about thinking i was cute or whatever and i was just like hahah aw thanks whatever so then he was like no im gonna make u mine and hes really funny and ...
Asked by hallelujah, advice by TheBlackCoach
07/20/19 8:43 AM EDT
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need an advice!
Relationships - Trust Issues
I loved a person, he proposed me actually. after 3 yrs I texted him back that I love him too.. since thn there is no reply and he behaves normal. However,he stares at me like he has feelings for me. I...
Asked by Sow, advice by TheBlackCoach
07/20/19 8:31 AM EDT
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How Do I Stop Feeling Inferior to My Brother?
Family - General
Hello there, I'm a 17 year old girl with an older brother that's in university. He's studying Chemicle Engineering and just finished his second semester for his degree. In the family, my brother and d...
Asked by lonelycupcake, advice by JRivers
06/08/19 12:34 AM EDT
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bridesmaid issues
Personal - General
Ok so my brother's fiance asked me to be a bridesmaid for her, I don't know her that well, but from what I have noticed she seemed like a nice person, so I said yes. I have a small eevee watercolor ta...
Asked by Elledee, advice by Beans
05/24/19 9:48 PM EDT
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life is a trip
Personal - Mental Health
can someone give me advice how to keep my shit together right now my relationship is falling apart I have schizophrenia tendencies bipolar with major depression, along with three of my good friends ar...
Asked by KingMonkey, advice by FirstclassTurkey
04/26/19 8:36 AM EDT
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is jumping from one person to the next alright
Relationships - Infidelity
is haveing more then one person GiRlfRiEnd/boyfriend alright ...
Asked by Hubbard, advice by FirstclassTurkey
04/26/19 8:15 AM EDT
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i need help
Relationships - Dating
how do i get rid of the fear of loosing the girl i lovw cuz i constantly worry her with it?...
Asked by Blademorris, advice by NamenVictor
04/17/19 6:49 PM EDT
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about a former teacher
Personal - General
There is a former teacher that I have . I saw here cell phone on Facebook when she had bussness. I would love to be more in tounch with her. Thanks...
Asked by mollymarionclifford, advice by NamenVictor
04/17/19 6:47 PM EDT
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