How It Works
1. Click CREATE to form a premise and place it On Deck for debate—spend 1 credit.
  Stay online and wait to receive Live Debate!
2. Click GET when it turns green, to chat with another user and get debate on your premise.
3. Click GIVE to debate another user's premise—earn 1 credit.
Ask for more debate on a premise by placing it On Deck from your journal. Premises placed On Deck are eligible to receive offline debate for 14 days!
You can GIVE debate at any time!
Your Channel
Each user has a channel dedicated to automatically broadcasting all of their debates live, 24 hrs a day. Check your profile to customize your personal channel by naming it and listing the most common times you may be online.

Use the link to this channel to invite others to view your debates live!

Your Links
Your profile contains links to your public debate journal so you can easily invite others to view all of your debates or link to them from your blog.
Debate Challenge
Instantly challenge another user online to debate one of your premises OR to debate one of theirs by issuing them a Debate Challenege. Debate Challenges can be sent by visiting a user's channel or to any user in your Mortal List.
Users that send you private messages may be added to your Mortal List. From your Mortal List you can
  • see when they are online
  • send them private messages
  • issue them a Debate Challenge
  • instantly access their personal channel page to see what they are debating.

    Add friends to your Mortal List from Messages

    Online Now
    The number of users currently logged in to MortalGuidance and the number of Debates currently in progress.
    On Deck
    The number of premises that are currently awaiting debate. Your Number displays how many premises are ahead of yours.
    Live Debates
    View debates between other users live as they happen!
    Search Debates
    Search all debates to find the topics that interest you. Read the premises of other users and the debates they received.
    Your debate score is the combined number of users you have converted in all of your premises.
    Each user begins with 5 credits. You spend 1 credit each time you receive debate on your premise. You earn 1 credit each time you give debate to another user's premise.
    All the premises you create and the debates you receive are stored in your Journal. Ask for more debate on a premise by placing it On Deck.
    Debate Statistics
    Each premise you create keeps a record of each debating user's rating of whether they agree, disagree, or are converted to agreeing with your premise. Users can debate your premise many times and each debate conversation has its own rating. However, only a user's most recent rating is included in the debate statistcs listed at the top of your premise. This guarantees that your statistics are accurate and represent one vote per user.

    *The more users you convert the higher your debate score and ranking!

    Read and reply to private messages sent to you by other users. You send private messages to a user by clicking their username. Add a user to your Mortal List by clicking ADD. To enable pop-up messages, launch Mortal List (click Mortals)
    Power Mortals!

    Sign up for Power Mortals! notifications to be instantly notified when:

  • A new user registers for MortalGuidance
  • A user logs in
  • A new premise is put On Deck for debate

    Power Mortals! notifications are a great way to stay in sync with other users and help you get the most out of MortalGuidance services . With Power Mortals! notifications turned on you will know when the site is most active and when is the best time to log in for Debate.

    Power Mortals! notifications help you contribute to the MortalGuidance Project. By being alerted to new members registering and logging in, you have the opportunity to log in and assist them.

  • Get MortalGuidance for Android!
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